Frog Soini and Franks.

Yesterday Finlandia was called "Anti-immigrant Country" by BBC because of the voting results: Two major political parties are now Perus Suomalaiset (transl. True Finns) and Kokoomus, two parties who do not wanna support modern art or immigration.That's right, we are basically back in the start let's hope that these political retards fucks up really bad and Finnish people will open their eyes again. peace.

But this does not mean that the Inspiration is dead ! Give a glance for these pics below because these are backstage-photos from the photo shooting for a new-not-even-launched-magazine. I was working with wonderful people, youngster creatives and i'm looking for this magazine a lot lot ! Experiences like these - it gives you hope. Frank.


Summer be mine


When I look at these old pics it brings up lots of memories and sugary feelings. Summer 2009'. Nothing very special happened that summer but I had always this dreamy feeling, I kept dreaming of skills, things that I'm able to do nowadays. So. Will I look at my summer 11'( if it ever come to visit Finlandia) pics in few years and say " yes, those dreams succeeded."


This i used to be

Alpha C T R L! ss11 has arrived, and it's full of memories, awesome landscapes from NYC and, of course, pretty clothing by Control Clothing. Check it out here.  
I must say I miss that place a lot, all those days wondering around and all those pretty faces. Tsing Tsing youthness, I'm thinking a lot of you.


it's pray for Japan

murakamixsupreme '07
Punami Tsunami, please leave cute Japanese alone, you are not welcome. All my thoughts and  loving heart for the victims of that m*****fuc***, let's all wish that everything's gonna be alright soon.
xio xio.


have a bad day

Sitting at home, can't get my photoshop to work and it is international Women day but I sit here all by myself without any roses. It is cold outside so I can't go for a walk and it is weekday so none wants to go for a drink and I wish I could at least work but the fucking ps doesn't work. Hate man.
if i only got these ones. ©sinikka konttinen & Terry.


If there's something to be stolen I steal it.

©YAU likes Ronald.
There's a lot of discussion of Jani Leinonen and "the stolen Ronald Mcdonald. I started thinking, is this what you need to do to be known? Not saying that Leinonen's Art piece wasn't cool or anything, it just made me think about being artist in this wild wild world. And the idea of me executing something like Ronald... Jesus, those hungboner days with Ronald.
[read more about Leinonen's move here


To be continued... We had a dorable sunday walk at Eira's strand, Sunny was shining and the weather was sweet! I grilled some sausage and walked on ice. Little plus plus and candy bar for Suomineito. 

Sunday is good ice cream

Maison Martin Margiela's color changing Hobo. I think the texture is some sort of heat-activated, thought the color difference can only been shown by touching the bag with hot cup of tea. Finlandia, too cold for color changing. Margiela is cup of my tea, MMY loves MMM. My lovely BF got this baggie for me after being bad bear. No war, Only love!
Carin Wester, I found her designed shoes for 100 euros! I was going to work and  I had an hour to find a great "funeral shoes" and didyyy, i found these pretty pricks from Helsinki10. It took like 5 minutes or less. Hallelujah Sales, I usually hate you but now I'm satisfied.

Sundays are such a great days. No matter you feel hungover or just tired, it's ok today. I did twitter today. And I find this song very perfect for this moment I'm going through now.


No mask can save us

Holy sweet jesus, CTRLs new Collection, ss11 is cool. And the lookbook will be very interesting: From Max fish to Brooklyn bridge to Finlandia, that's what I'm talking about. Freeman, the tophot designer and creator of CTRL really got what it takes, this collection is something you better look for.

ps. CTRL x manyau. Soon very soon.
pps. my little brother is good looking chinaboy, isn't he.