Sunday is good ice cream

Maison Martin Margiela's color changing Hobo. I think the texture is some sort of heat-activated, thought the color difference can only been shown by touching the bag with hot cup of tea. Finlandia, too cold for color changing. Margiela is cup of my tea, MMY loves MMM. My lovely BF got this baggie for me after being bad bear. No war, Only love!
Carin Wester, I found her designed shoes for 100 euros! I was going to work and  I had an hour to find a great "funeral shoes" and didyyy, i found these pretty pricks from Helsinki10. It took like 5 minutes or less. Hallelujah Sales, I usually hate you but now I'm satisfied.

Sundays are such a great days. No matter you feel hungover or just tired, it's ok today. I did twitter today. And I find this song very perfect for this moment I'm going through now.

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