If there's something to be stolen I steal it.

©YAU likes Ronald.
There's a lot of discussion of Jani Leinonen and "the stolen Ronald Mcdonald. I started thinking, is this what you need to do to be known? Not saying that Leinonen's Art piece wasn't cool or anything, it just made me think about being artist in this wild wild world. And the idea of me executing something like Ronald... Jesus, those hungboner days with Ronald.
[read more about Leinonen's move here


nano said...


omg....I dreamt of u last night, sophie an jonathan were there as well......SO bizarre, cause I don't really know u guys, just added all of u once cause I thought you were all so pretty together and then I dreamt of all of you.....hahah in my dream I still didn't know any of you, you were just at the same club as I was...and then I introduced myself to you....I said: HI MANDY!....and you were like: Mandy? only my friends call me Mandy.......and then I turned around and went back to my friends...........:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD u mean thing....

ok I hope u're not too freaked out by me now, thought would be cool 4 u to know hahaha

YAUman said...

yeah we are pretty and you are creepy but it's ok to be weird! haha, you kinda cracked me up !